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Blackthorn flamed textured granite with sawn edges, is for people who are looking to add a darker shade to their garden. Blackthorn’s subtle colour will provide your outdoor area with a high-end chic look. Its lightly flamed surface texture allows the granite to be incredibly versatile, producing excellent non-slip properties.

Diamond Black

Our Diamond Black flamed textured granite with sawn edges, is the bright and modern flair your garden patio needs. The cool tone of Diamond Black granite is perfect for brightening all darker areas of your garden. With an even grain and a sawn flame-textured surface, its hardwearing properties are perfect for both contemporary and traditional outdoor spaces.

Silver Maple

Silver Maple flamed textured granite with sawn edges, will provide a vibrant contemporary appearance to your garden or patio. Its sharp flamed surface will give your garden a glamorous and elegant look. Silver Maple’s mixture of black, grey and white hues will certainly enhance any garden’s modern feel and style.


Lightly honed surface with sawn edges, Cedar is subtle but modern and makes the ideal choice if you are looking to create a neutral outdoor space, with its unique blend of mint greens and grey browns. Cedar’s neutral appearance is ideal for any sophisticated and traditional garden looking to add a modern touch

Grey Birch

Grey Birch merges the calming tones of pale and beige grey, creating the perfect summer evening environment for any modern garden. Its crisp sawn edges and smooth honed surface enhance the sleek and contemporary look of the sandstone – great for creating a luxury outdoor setting.


Hawthorn Sandstone paving offers a combination of smooth pink, plum and grey tones. Finished with sawn edges and a smooth honed surface Its stunning natural tonal variations, split profiles and exquisite organic veining will bring any patio or garden to life.

Sahara Mint

Sahara Mint blends a mix of harvest and beige sandstones, producing a smooth honed finish and sawn edges in a bright, warm, white and cream colour. If you are looking to create a modern, chic finish to your outdoor space, then look no further.


The Cedar sawn edges and shot-blasted sandstone is a popular choice for any conservative individual, being modest but also extremely stylish. The mint greens and grey browns in the sandstone provide the paving with a neutral and sophisticated look.

Grey Birch

Grey Birch is the faultless combination of stylish and sleek with sawn edges and shot-blasted surface. It is a mixture of grey with a hint of beige and is perfect for any contemporary outdoor environment. To add slip resistance, Grey Birch has a textured surface with sawn edges, making it a firm favourite for all designers.


Hawthorn comes with tones of beige, pink and grey, with sawn edges and a shot-blasted finish to give you an elegantly textured surface. Its shade and grain blend beautifully with traditional natural landscapes and are versatile for the temperamental British climate. Hawthorn’s non-slip surface enables you to create a stylish, but child-friendly garden design.

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