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To begin, we quarry the stone from Turkey, China or India (as per the customer’s request), with top-of-the-range machinery to produce the best result possible.


Once quarried, the natural stone is transported from the mine to the finishing site where it is graded into one of the following three categories: colour, thickness and variation of face.


The stone paving slabs are then packed in strong weatherproof wooden crates that have been fumigated. The goods are then transported to the nearest shipping port for subsequent delivery to the UK.

Crates of paving slabs

Minimum Order

1: We hold a large amount of stock in our U.K. warehouse at Tilbury Essex for customers with urgent requirements of full lorry loads. Goods from our U.K. warehouse can be dispatched on a same day basis and can be delivered within 24 or 48 hours from receiving your order.


2: We can also accommodate part loads without any difficulty. Customers can collect a minimum of 1 crate upwards from our warehouse at Tilbury Essex or we can arrange for the goods to be delivered by pallet line incurring a small delivery charge as our delivered rates are based on full loads.


3: We can supply you with specialist goods other colours, specific sizes etc. not listed on our price list. This service is for goods direct from India on a forward order so we take care of all the importation procedures and supply you with first quality products delivered to site on a flat bed vehicle within a lead time of seven to eight weeks from placing the order.

Patio circle design

Mixed Loads

Vision Natural Stone supplies 11 different colour variations, in a variety of different products such as paving, circles and cobbles. This provision can break down ordering a full lorry load of stone into manageable and sellable quantities.

Patio in the rain

Patio Packs

Patio packs contain a mix of 4 different sizes to create a random laying pattern. We have found that the patio pack is a great addition to our product range and is hugely popular, especially with the builder’s merchants. Unlike most of our competitors we also stock single size crates, this helps merchants top up customer orders without breaking into patio packs and also fulfil client requirements for only one size of paving.

Black modern paved driveway

Available Sizes

In order to suit the needs of our wide customer base, we stock a huge range of the 600 series of sizes in all of our paving products. The greatest care is taken with regards to the packaging and delivery, ensuring that all products reach the customer in pristine condition.

dark grey paving on stacked slabs

Delivery of Goods

All deliveries are done on flatbed articulated lorries that make unloading extremely easy. Delivery of full loads incurs no additional cost – it is included in the price of your goods. Nationwide deliveries can be done without any problems.

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